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Surrey Carers Commissioning and Development Strategy 2020-24

Our Multi Agency Surrey Carers Commissioning & Development Strategy is now due for renewal. Although the existing strategy was co-designed and there has been on-going carer engagement on a range of specific issues, there has not been a recent discussion with carers or practitioners about the overall direction of strategy for more than four years.

Some key policy drivers are unchanged but there have been some significant changes including:

  • The NHS Long Term Plan with its increased focus on prevention and personalisation and support for those who juggle work with caring.
  • The Care Act and Children and Families Act having been in place for four years and we can see the actual impact rather than simply what was anticipated
  • Our Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy and an ever increasing focus on integration of health and social care.
  • The County Council’s new ways of working for social care
  • New data and research over the last 4 years particularly the GP Patient Survey Data 2019 that has added to our knowledge
  • New NICE Guideline Adult Carers Support

    A thorough review of the strategy now needs to take place and will need to take account of a range of views; with carers and young carers being the most significant. To this effect we have developed  a Carers On-line surveys to capture people’s feedback.


Carers Survey On-Line Survey

​Additionally, we will be attending existing meetings where people will have the opportunity to feedback and there will be some independently facilitated carers forums.

Our plan is to agree and publish a new Multi-agency Surrey Carers Strategy this summer

For more information about how you can get involved please contact.

Debbie Hustings NHS Partnership Manager for Carers Email:

Ron Critcher SCC Carers Policy and Development Officer Email:


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