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Meet Pete!

Peter Dommett has just joined the Coalition team as the Project Manager for Tech to Community Connect.  Pete has created a wonderful blog post on his career in the Police force. (please attach the picture).


Image description: the image is a caricature  of Pete with various artefacts around him that represent bits of his career.  Most notably, he is wearing a rubber ring (read on to find out why!) and has as the machinery needed for distilling gin around him!  There is a crashed police car behind Pete and a ball and chain around his ankle.    

In Pete’s own words

Hello!  My name is Pete and I have just joined the Coalition. 

The attached print was created by my team on my retirement.

When you look at the photo you will see a number of elements the relate too along And I feel a very interesting career. we start in uniform and my career was mainly in uniform as I was never a fully trained detective. After training school at Ashford in Kent I was posted to Brighton as a beat officer covering the sea front and the pier. It was here 1 October evening that the first item on the pictures becomes relevant. A young lady taken to the water having swallowed an overdose of medication and was intent on dying by suicide. Arriving with my partner I was quickly dispatched into the sea to bring her back to safety an ambulance. I was never a strong swimmer but was very proud of what I did but only slightly upset when I discovered my partner was the force swimming champion. After a number of years at Brighton I transferred to mid Sussex and it is here that the police car in the picture becomes important. At 5:30 in the morning after Seven days of 12 hour nights I managed to turn a Ford Sierra lean burn police car upside down on a nearly straight Rd. There was then a famous conversation when I called up and said NB02 assistance needed. And the reply was NB02 change location and try again. In desperation I called once more NB02 I’m sorry I’m upside down and cannot change location.

After mid Sussex I worked at a number police station before promotion in 1995 as a Sergeant I ended up working in the cellblocks or as we call it police custody. This gives you the ball and chain around my leg in the picture. I enjoyed being a Sergeant working not only in an office but also with community teams keeping people safe. 2001 saw my promotion to inspector whilst working at headquarters. I returned to Brighton for five years where I saw all manner of wonderful and difficult things in that seaside city. I left Brighton and was briefly promoted to Chief Inspector and once again I ran the custody Department for Sussex Police.

I was fortunate when I was headhunted to work in counter terrorism policing for seven years. In the picture you see the explosives the top secret documents and spyglasses to demonstrate this posting. I could tell you so much about it but would have to shoot you afterwards. My final two years where was As a district commander returning to mid Sussex. As an experienced inspector i had time to indulge a number of my interests. One of which was to get a local gin distillery to make a charity gin for the chief constable’s charity for that year. it was called Bobby gin but sadly oh I suppose funnily in one email to the chief constable I called it booby gin. All in all at interesting 30 years with so much more done then this picture shows but it still makes me smile. 

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