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Ode to the Virus

See below this wonderful Ode to the Virus, written by one of our members, Ann Blishen. I was having goosebumps reading it!

Thank you Ann for this beautiful piece of art.

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Ode to the Virus

Has anyone noticed, or is it just me

How quickly the time goes, so how can that be.

We are classed as old people, but not in our mind

And urged to stay home till a vaccine they find.

A vaccine that will allow life to resume

But not very soon we are led to presume.

We’ve not been bombarded with offered assistance

So we are in charge of our very existence.

We could ask for help if really in need

But we both work together, that’s how we succeed.

There are clocks that need winding at the end of each week

The dishwasher to empty, a large garden to keep.

And would you believe it’s Autumn again

We’re knee deep in leaves and its such a pain.

So we fill our days, chores have to be done

And every so often we go out for fun.

A coffee, a meal but always alone

Our Family in contact, but only by phone.

So to all virtual friends we are wishing you well

And hope you stay safely during this spell.

We really do value our chatting on line

And join in on Zoom when we have the time.

We thank The Coalition and all the staff too

And we really appreciate all that you do.


  1. Amanda Doyle says:

    The ode is brilliant-thank you for sharing it! 🙏🥰🌻

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