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A Christmas poem

Please read a poem written by one of our members, Ann Blishen.

Christmas 2020

Another Christmas comes around

But very different we have found,

No friends and family to be near

With glasses full of Christmas Cheer.

No happy sound of Children playing

But we’ll listen to what the Queen is saying.

We will of course enjoy our day

Spent with each other, as is our way.

We’re fortunate that we’re still here

And to Covid rules we will adhere .

A Virus jab is on its way

And we look forward to the day

When family’s can meet again

And normal life will once more reign.

But as for now we must agree

That safety is priority.

And we look forward to next year

When Friends and Family can be near.


  1. kate steele newman says:

    Its a great poem,I would like to wish a nice christmas ,and a safe new year. from kate steele-newman 22.12.20

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