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This is Maya

You have already met Karen and Katy, today you will meet Maya, our third new starter.

Hello, I’m Maya Ahuja-Hofheiz, the Tech to Community Connect Area Coordinator for East Surrey and Surrey Downs!

I recently graduated from the university of York, with an undergraduate degree in literature and philosophy. During my degree and more recently during the lockdowns, I developed a great love for event and community organising. 

At university I loved my work coordinating swing dance festivals, and last year, I had a wonderful time co-coordinating the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal. I have also been a volunteer and videographer at the Westway Centre since August 2020.

I’m really excited to be working on the Tech to Community Connect project, and helping to provide the best service possible for all those who need it.  Access to the wonderful world of the internet is increasingly important in an increasingly digital world.  I am especially interested in exploring the ways that technology can make engaging in and with the arts more accessible for disabled people and hope to bring this into my work.

I live in Caterham with my family and can often be seen dancing along the road to wherever I’m going. As a lover of dance, music and literature, I’m always looking for new ways to bring people together in enjoyment and community! 

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  1. Peter Dommett says:

    Amazing person

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