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Bob, the Tech Angel

Bob is one of our brilliant volunteer Tech Angels! 

During lockdown, Bob has been using Team Viewer to provide remote support to work with people on the Tech to Community Connect project. 

Bob says

“I have some spare time and I wanted to give something back, being a Tech Angel is a rewarding way to volunteer.” 

The Tech to Community Connect project, helps people who are digitally excluded.  Digital exclusion has many different forms, for example, some of the people we work with do not have access to a device (so we lend them one), some of the people we work with need some help with their digital skills and/or confidence and we help them by matching them up with one of our volunteer Tech Angels. 

Our ‘matches’ then decide what their targets are, and the team work together on achieving these.  Some people want to learn how to shop online or to apply for a new bus pass, some people want to join a support group, book a GP appointment or use their computer for a medical appointment, others want to learn how to stream music and others just want to be able to google useful information.  

If you are interested in applying to become a Tech Angel volunteer, helping people in our community who are digitally excluded, please email  

We would love for you to join our team!

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