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Woking group session

In December 2021 we organised a group session for digitally excluded women in Woking.  All the ladies involved are now confidently using their devices, and of course they can get further support from a Tech Angel volunteer in the future should they need to. 

We usually support people on a one to one basis through the Tech to Community Connect service, but there was a need in Woking for some group sessions due to language and cultural barriers. See below some photos and positive feedback from the session. 

If you would like to host a group session for your neighbourhood, or to sponsor one then please do get in touch! 

Thank you for everything. It really helped me. We are so happy. Thank you again.


I am very happy that joined this friendly and helpful people who are also desperate to learn how to use the tablet.

I have learnt a lot and a new world has opened to me. I will not be lonely any longer.

I will be practicing, practicing, practicing.

The teachers are calm and very helpful.


It was good to get knowledge about IT and how to do online things.

It is really helpful for me. I really appreciate this effort. Musarat.

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