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It’s co-production week!

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We are often asked what is Co-Production? Co-production is a way of working that involves people who use health and care services, carers and communities in equal partnership; and which engages groups of people at the earliest stages of service creation, design, development and evaluation.

We know that our members value the use of Co-Production which helps to build relationships based on trust and respect.  Our members have told us that Co-Production makes them feel….

Co-Production is more than a matter of courtesy, it is vital real life experience is encompassed in this’

‘When I have worked on an equal basis with representatives of other organisations, I have found that the points raised help to clarify my thoughts and approaches and end in producing something beneficial to all’.

‘Very satisfying and fulfilling’.

‘Hearing from others about their Access-4-ALL needs, helps us to reach decisions that give us better outcomes’

‘I’ve always said that Access-4-ALL should be included at Stage ZERO of any planning process, that is to say that “How do we ensure this is accessible for Everyone?” should be the first and last question for all involved in delivering the project’

One of our members shared some specific examples of the difference their involvement in co-production has made to the community:

SMS on the poster outside the Fire HQ for support for residents with Impairments. – Feels I have made an impact each time I go past on the way to the corner shop!

We have SMS for the Wheelchair service – none of the other areas in the UK where this provider has equipment contacts have this contact method available for lipreaders etc.

Thank you to all of our members that get involved, the difference you make is HUGE!

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