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Wimbledon, wheelchair tennis!

One of our members is an avid Wimbledon fan. Ang, tells us more about the Wimbledon wheelchair tennis

‘There have been a few great changes this year. I just watched it on BBC2 on Friday afternoon and evening on prime time.  Yes, I was very pleased to say they showed it on the TV and it’s the first year that Wimbledon have had wheelchair tennis on court 1.

Up until now wheelchair tennis has been shown on a Sunday morning on the outside courts. Not many people used to watch it, which really annoyed me. So I’m very pleased with this improvement plus on Friday afternoon they also showed the men’s wheelchair singles match. They didn’t show the match from the beginning but they did show the completion of the match. Alfie Hewitt, a British player won in the afternoon to a packed-out crowd, which means that at last people are recognising disabled people partaking in wheelchair tennis’

If you’ve enjoyed the tennis this year and are feeling inspired, why not contact Katy ( about signing up to our Active Buddy scheme. Active Buddies is a scheme that matches our members with a volunteer for support with attending activities in your community. If you would like to be more physically active but need someone to go with you; or you need help with transport to and from an activity then Active Buddies is for you!

Further details about the wheelchair tennis tour can be found on the link below

UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Calendar | ITF (

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