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Director: Jonathan Fisher

jonathan-fisher-jpgHaving experience of hearing loss within his family Jonathan was involved from an early age in campaigning for improved services through the British Association for the Hard of Hearing. Jonathan was a science and maths teacher at a school for the severely deaf and then when he became partially sighted he taught ICT at a school in Staines before retiring when he lost his sight completely.

Having used adaptive software since 1985 Joanthan later started training others with sight loss through SAVI. He learnt braille in 2006 and now teach this to others, and has been actively involved in Surrey Vision Action Group and its predecessor for more than ten years.

Since retirement Jonathan has been involved in many other activities, including Runnymede Access Liaison Group, which he has chaired since 2007, and North Surrey Empowerment Board which he has chaired since 2009. Jonathan also represents disabled people on Surrey Police Independent Advisory Group.

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