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Trip to Bowbridge Alpacas Scotland!

In March we organised a virtual trip to an Alpaca farm in Fife in bonny Scotland.  30 or so of us met in the Coalition zoom café, some using zoom and some joining us by phone.  It was a beautiful morning and we were able to see the fantastic view over the fields and beyond and we even caught a glimpse of the sea.  Alison, our guide, told us that the farm started with just 7 Alpacas and they now have 49!  We followed Alison through the fields to meet all the baby Alpacas and listened to a story about one Alpaca who was heavily pregnant who decided to somersault over the fence one day!  Luckily both mother and baby were absolutely fine.  Alison explained that the baby Alpacas are usually given a name with the same initial as their mum.  We met Champagne Charlie who was named after his mum Champagne. 

We were then taken to another pen to meet the adult males, and we were given the unenviable task of choosing just one to adopt!  This pen is used for demonstrations and a strip of paving had been laid to enable those who use wheelchairs to access the it.  We narrowed down our list of adoptees to two; Owan and Joseph, and after much debate and a vote we chose Joseph who was extremely loving and sweet and even kissed the camera!  We were shown some Alpaca wool which is available to purchase on their website, it is quite expensive though at between £20-£30 per ball!  Some of us have decided to purchase the Alpaca felting kits and we hope to share our creations with you at some point in the future!  If you would like more information on Bowbridge Alpacas Scotland please visit their website


Why is life made difficult for those who cannot hear?
When simple things could help so much and that is very clear.

Hearing loops are helpful  if installed or working,
But not so good found in a desk or in a cupboard lurking.

How to make appointments we’re very often asked and this is why we need your help to complete this task.

How is contact made by phone if you can’t hear a reply?
But an SMS number would do the trick and that you can’t deny.

The adding of a number should been done as  routine ,
On all official documents
by the Public seen.

We encourage you to help towards spreading this request.
We leave this safely in your hands and know you’ll do your best.

From our members

Our members are wonderful, wonderful people, and we all know it. They have various hobbies, and numerous talents!

We would like to promote your creativity here, on our blog, so if you wrote a short story, or a poem, or if you painted a picture, took a lovely photo, please, share it with us so that everybody can enjoy it!

Click on this link to see what other members wanted to share with you.

11.03.2021 weekly update

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our weekly update is here. Enjoy reading, and have a wonderful weekend.

Hello weekend picture

04.03.2021 weekly update

Our weekly update is here! Enjoy!