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A Christmas poem

Please read a poem written by one of our members, Ann Blishen.

Christmas 2020

Another Christmas comes around

But very different we have found,

No friends and family to be near

With glasses full of Christmas Cheer.

No happy sound of Children playing

But we’ll listen to what the Queen is saying.

We will of course enjoy our day

Spent with each other, as is our way.

We’re fortunate that we’re still here

And to Covid rules we will adhere .

A Virus jab is on its way

And we look forward to the day

When family’s can meet again

And normal life will once more reign.

But as for now we must agree

That safety is priority.

And we look forward to next year

When Friends and Family can be near.

Ode to the Virus

See below this wonderful Ode to the Virus, written by one of our members, Ann Blishen. I was having goosebumps reading it!

Thank you Ann for this beautiful piece of art.

Heart symbol - Wikipedia

Ode to the Virus

Has anyone noticed, or is it just me

How quickly the time goes, so how can that be.

We are classed as old people, but not in our mind

And urged to stay home till a vaccine they find.

A vaccine that will allow life to resume

But not very soon we are led to presume.

We’ve not been bombarded with offered assistance

So we are in charge of our very existence.

We could ask for help if really in need

But we both work together, that’s how we succeed.

There are clocks that need winding at the end of each week

The dishwasher to empty, a large garden to keep.

And would you believe it’s Autumn again

We’re knee deep in leaves and its such a pain.

So we fill our days, chores have to be done

And every so often we go out for fun.

A coffee, a meal but always alone

Our Family in contact, but only by phone.

So to all virtual friends we are wishing you well

And hope you stay safely during this spell.

We really do value our chatting on line

And join in on Zoom when we have the time.

We thank The Coalition and all the staff too

And we really appreciate all that you do.

Travels from a living room

Read below a blog entry about loneliness during the lockdown, written by one of our members .

Travels from a living room.

Lockdown hits hard, the thought of shielding for twelve weeks was daunting; no contact with the outside world and just having four painted walls of varying colours for company, left me distraught! During this time, I was many people’s lifeline, a great privilege and many stories were shared. Me time, however, was empty and so the journey begins!

Inspired by the quote “they fought in the war; all we have to do is sit at home” my thoughts transcended to embarking on a journey with my technology device. Where could I go? what could I do? The list is endless but here’ a few ideas:

  • Scavengers hunts around the home
  • Quizzes and Pictionary
  • Bingo nights
  • Shows all over the UK
  • Historical talks from around the world
  • Book club craft clubs and fitness classes
  • Festivals such as singfest

Zoom became my constant friend and my life was full, at times, however, it was still lonely and there were days when I climbed the walls, particularly at weekends and big family times. Eventually all family members were linked up with their devices in living rooms around the world – family games occupied us for hours, we were apart and different ages, but connected and safe, that’s all that mattered and remembering that helped me through.

All this was achieved from a living room at the touch of a button!  Has it inspired you or challenged your thoughts? Why not give technology a go and see how it can transform your life?  The Tech to Community connect project can help you stay connected and two current users say:

“I knew nothing about technology until I moved into the area. Zoom is a brilliant idea for those who can’t get out. A device provides interaction with the other people, Don’t be frightened!”

“Technology needs to be embraced as we live in times where it is here to stay. It bridges the generation gap and creates the mutual respect for each other, and it reduces isolation!”

Visit to start your journey!