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Football, Tai-Chi and a Night Club experience!!!

Sounds intriguing? Sounds fun? Check out the latest in our Sports News section!!

Let’s dance!

As Strictly returns to our screens this Autumn, Katy looks at opportunities for inclusive dance in Surrey. Join the Get More Active chat group on Friday here to find out more.

National Fitness Day 2021

Read all about how you can get involved in the upcoming National Fitness Day here. If you like, you can also use the attached background to share what fitness means to you – take a photo or a short video clip and share with the Coalition or using #Fitness2Me. You can see what fitness means to Katy in the attached photo!

Don’t forget Friday’s social get together for the Get More Active chat group at 2pm. Join here for this week’s topic “What’s on at your local leisure centre”

Paralympics week 2

It’s been a phenomenal week at the Paralympics. Team GB has won an incredible number of medals and remains 2nd in the medal table with a total of 94 medals, 33 of which are gold. As day 9 continues on the other side of the world, Sarah Storey has just become GB’s most successful Paralympian ever winning her 3rd gold of the Tokyo games and her 17th gold overall (she also has 8 silvers and 3 bronze swimming medals!) and David Smith has won his 3rd gold medal becoming Britain’s most successful Boccia Player ever.

Our thanks to Angie who has been keeping us up to date with the daily medals on social media. If you’ve not seen the updates or are interested in the full list, here is a full run down of the medals so far – it’s a long one!


Archery                     Phoebe Paterson-Pine      Individual Compound

Athletics                    Andrew Small                      Men’s 100m T33

                                  Thomas Young                    Men’s 100m T38

                                  Hannach Cockroft              Women’s 100m T34

                                  Sophie Hahn            Women’s 100m T38

                                  Dan Pembroke                    Men’s Javelin F13

Boccia                        David Smith                         BC1 Individual

Cycling                       Sarah Storey                                    Women’s Track 3000m IP C5

C5 Road TT and C4-5 Road Race

Ben Watson             Men’s C1-3 Road Race and C3 TT

Jaco Van Gass          Men’s Track 3000m IP C3

Neil Fachie               Men’s Track 1000m TT B

Lora Fachie               Women’s Track 3000m IP B

Kadeena Cox            Women’s Track 500m TT C4-5

Jaco Van Gass          Mixed Track 750m team sprint C1-5

Kadeena Cox

Jody Cundy

Equestrian                Lee Pearson             Grade III Individual

                                                                 Grade III Individual Freestyle

                                    Lee Pearson          Team Test to Music

                                    Natasha Baker

                                    Sophie Wells           

Judo                           Chris Skelley            Men’s 100kg

Rowing                      Lauren Rowles        Mixed Double Sculls PR2

                                  Laurence Whitely

                                  Ellen Buttrick           Mixed Coxed Four PR3

                                  Oliver Stanhope

Giedre Rakauskeite

                                    James Fox

                                    Erin Kennedy (cox)

Swimming                 Tully Kearney          Women’s 100m Freestyle S14

                                  Maisie Summers-Newton             Women’s 200m IM SB6

                                                                        Women’s 100m breaststroke SB6

                                    Hannah Russell       Women’s 100m backstroke S12

Bethany Firth           Women’s 100m backstroke S14

Reece Dunn             Men’s 200m freestyle S14                             Men’s 200m IM S14

                                    Reece Dunn             Mixed 4 x 100m Freestyle S14

                                    Bethany Firth

                                    Jessica Jane Applegate

                                    Jordan Catchpole

Triathlon                   Lauren Steadman               Women’s PTS5

Wheelchair Fencing

                                    Piers Gilliver                         Individual Epee Cat A

Wheelchair Rugby                                                  Mixed Team


Athletics                    Kare Adenagan                   Women’s 100m T34

                                    Samantha Kinghorn           Women’s 400m T53

Cycling                       Finlay Graham                     Men’s Road Race C1-3

                                                                                    Men’s Track 3000m IP C3

                                    Lorna Fachie                        Women’s Road TT B

                                    Crystal Lane Wright           Women’s Track 3000m IP C5

                                                                                    Women’s Road Race C4-5

                                                                                    Women’s Road TT C5

                                    James Ball                             Men’s Track 1000m TT B

                                    Stephen Bate                       Men’s Track 4000m IP B

                                    Jody Cundy                          Men’s Track 1000m TT C4-5

                                    Aileen Mcglynn                   Women’s Track 1000m TT B

Equestrian                Natasha Baker                     Grade III Individual

                                                                                    Grade III Individual Freestyle

                                    Sophie Wells                        Grade V Individual

Judo                           Elliot Stewart                       Men’s 90kg

Swimming                 Reece Dunn                         Men’s 100m butterfly S14

                                    Ellie Challis                           Women’s 50m backstroke S3

                                    Grace Harvey                       Women’s 100m breaststroke S35

                                    Rebecca Redfern                Women’s 100m breaststroke SB13

                                    Louise Fiddes                       Women’s 100m breaststroke SB14

                                    Tully Kearney                      Women’s 200m freestyle S5

                                    Bethany Firth                       Women’s 200m IM SM14

                                                                                    Women’s 200m freestyle SM14

Table Tennis            Will Bayley                           Individual Class 7

Triathlon                   George Peasgood               Men’s PTS5

Wheelchair Fencing

                                    Dmitri Coutya                      Men’s Team Foil

                                    Oliver Lam-Watson

                                    Piers Gilliver


Archery                     Victoria Rumary                  Women’s Individual W1

Athletics                    Harri Jenkins                        Men’s 100m T33

                                    Jonny Peacock                    Men’s 100m T64

                                    Columba Blango                 Men’s 400m T20

                                    Maria Lyle                            Women’s 100m T35 and 200m T35

                                    Olivia Breen                         Women’s Long Jump T38

                                    Samantha Kinghorn           Women’s 100m T53

Cycling                       George Peasgood               Men’s Road Time TT C4

                                    Jaco Van Gass                      Men’s Track 1000m TT C1-2

                                    Sophie Unwin                      Women’s Track 3000m IP B

Equestrian                Georgia Wilson                   Class II Individual

Class II Individual Freestyle

Powerlifting             Micky Yule                            Men’s 72kg

                                    Olivia Broome                     Women’s 50kg

                                    Louise Sugden                     Women’s 86kg

Swimming                 Stephen Clegg                     Men’s 100m backstroke S12

Men’s 100m freestyle S12

                                    Scott Quinn                          Men’s 100m breaststroke SB14

                                    Hannah Russell                   Women’s 100m freestyle S12

                                    Jessica Jane Applegate      Women’s 200m freestyle S14

Women’s 100m backstroke S14

                                    Louise Fiddes                       Women’s 200m Individual Medley SM14

                                    Toni Shaw                             Women’s 400m freestyle S9

                                    Reece Dunn                         Men’s 100m backstroke S14

Table Tennis            Thomas Matthews             Men’s Singles Class 1

                                    Jack Hunter-Spivey             Men’s Singles Class 5

                                    Paul Karabardak                 Men’s Singles Class 6

                                    Billy Shilton                          Men’s Team Class 8

                                    Aaron McKibbin

                                    Susan Bailey                         Women’s Team Classes 4-5

                                    Megan Shackleton

Triathlon                   Claire Cashmore                 Women’s PTS 5

Wheelchair Fencing          

Dmitri Coutya                      Men’s Individual Epee

Men’s Individual Foil

                                    Dmitri Coutya                      Men’s Team Epee

                                    Oliver Lam-Watson

                                    Piers Gilliver

Team GB – medal rush

As I write day 2 of the Tokyo Paralympics 2020 is nearly over although there are still some events going on into the evening in Tokyo. It’s been hard to keep up with the successes of Team GB so far – there have been many! From the continuing success of Paralympic legends such as Dame Sarah Storey and Sir Lee Pearson to the incredible debut’s of Maisie Summers-Newton and Jaco Van Gass. Here is a run down of the medal winners from day 1 and 2:


Sarah Storey           Cycling – Women’s C5 3000m individual pursuit

Paralympic royalty Dame Saray Storey wins her 15th Paralympic gold medal with a new world record. This is Sarah’s 8th Paralympics and she has won medals in every single games, starting in the pool and switching to track and road cycling in 2005. She has 2 more events to come and is looking to become Britiain’s most successful Paralympian.

Jaco Van Gass         Cycling – Men’s C3 3000m individual pursuit

Featured in last weeks preview of the games, Jaco won his first event at his first Paralympics in style. He has 4 more events to come and I’m sure there will be more success for him.

Tully Kearney          Swimming – Women’s S5 100m freestyle

Tully completed an amazing swim to win her 2nd medal of the games in a new world record. This is her first games after she had to withdraw from Rio 2016 with an ongoing shoulder injury and a significant progression of her dystonia.

Lee Pearson             Equestrian – Grade II individual dressage

Sir Lee Pearson can also be regarded as Paralympic royalty, winning his 12th gold medal at his 6th games. All this on a horse he bred and produced himself. He now qualifies for the individual freestyle event where he will surely be looking to add to his medal tally.

Maisie Summers-Newton                       Swimming – Women’s SM6 200m IM

Another athlete featured as one to watch in last week’s preview, Maisie claims her first gold at her first Paralympics in world record time!


Steve Bate & Adam Duggleby    Cycling – Men’s B 4000m individual pursuit

Steve Bate wins his 4th Paralympic medal along with sighted pilot Duggleby. They will be looking to go one better in the upcoming road time trial.

Crystal Lane-Wright          Cycling – Women’s C5 3000m individual pursuit

Crystal wins her 3rd medal at her 3rd Paralympics sharing the podium with teammate Sarah Storey.

Reece Dunn             Swimming – Men’s S14 100m butterfly

Another athlete competing at their first games, Reece was narrowly beaten in the final coming away with a silver medal.

Tully Kearney          Swimming – Women’s S5 200m freestyle

A great start to the games for Tully, silver on day 1 and gold on day 2!

Aileen McGlynn     Cycling – Women’s B 1000m time trial

Another experienced competitor Aileen wins her 7th medal at her 4th Paralympic Games.

Jody Cundy              Cycling – Men’s C4 1000m time trial

Jody has represented GB at 7 Paralympics in both swimming and cycling events, Jody adds a silver to his 7 gold medals and 3 bronzes. Defending Champion Jody set an incredible time and it took a world record breaking ride to beat him.

Finlay Graham        Cycling – Men’s C3 3000m individual pursuit

A brilliant silver medal for Finlay at his first Paralympics, beaten only by teammate Jaco Van Gass.


Toni Shaw    Swimming – Women’s S9 400m freestyle

Georgia Wilson       Equestrian – Grade II individual dressage

Dimitri Coutya        Fencing – Men’s Class B Individual Epee