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Tasha doesn’t let her disability get in her way

Rushmoor Mallards


I attend a local club called Rushmoor Mallards, every Friday between 8pm and 10pm at Farnborough Leisure Centre. Rushmoor Mallards is for anyone that has disability as well as their carers, family and friends. The group has an athletics team that participates in various games with the aim to win medals. The Team Leader approached me to be a member of the athletics team.

Our team was invited to participate in the Wadsad, Wamsad, Aylesbury, Gosport and Mallards games. This was the first time I had participated as a member of a team, although I was nervous and proud of myself for joining in. I made new friends and had a go at events that I had not played before. I managed to get quite a few medals at these games, which included 1 Gold, 5 Silvers and 4 Bronze medals.

Skiing at Aldershot Dry Ski Slopes

John from Mallards mentioned that Caroline, Penny and he attend skiing once a month at Aldershot Dry Ski Slopes which is run by the DSA, Disability Snowsport Aldershot. John asked Dad if I was interested in going skiing. I wasn’t sure about it as I did skiing when I was younger and didn’t like it very much. Dad and I went along to see what it was like. When I
was there I was asked if I would like to attend skiing! I attend skiing once a month for two hours in the Summer and one hour in the Winter.tasha-2

Even though I look forward to going, I still get very anxious and nervous. A couple of months ago I entered into the Special Olympics Races, where I came first and was rewarded with two gold medals which I was surprised and very proud of myself.

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