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Terri – try being creative!

My name is Therese Winchester (Terri), and some people reading this will remember me from when I used to chair the East Surry Partnership board and also be a Director of Surrey Coalition of Disabled People.

I think that it was 2010 when I decided that I wanted to have more free time to spend with my son before he went to university. My care worker was concerned about how I would manage when Robert went away.

My package of care was changed to Direct Debits payments, and that really changed my life as I now have more practical help and more flexibility.

I have more energy to do creative things which I love.

I used to paint years ago, but following a road accident cannot hold a pen (or paint brush) with my right hand any more. Having more free time has meant that I tried painting with my left hand instead, with some pretty pleasing results.

I am amazed that I can do it at all – so if YOU think you might be able to…then you owe it to youself to try!

Try being CREATIVE! Give it a go!

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