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What a Difference a Dog Made

I have just been told I have become a different person over the last two years and, I would like to share with you why that is!

I am a registered Blind person but have very good residual vision. A few years ago I had to spend some four months in hospital and had to sign to allow permission to have my leg removed. Luckily, it didn’t come to that and the surgeons managed to save it but I was told I would never walk properly again and that I would only be able to cover very limited distances. They didn’t realise that this would spur me on and how determined I would be to prove them wrong!

How would I do that? Well, with lots of help and research, I decided that I would attempt to rehome a rescue dog. I then met my best friend, a Jack Russell Terrier named Wurzel. My life has been transformed! Not only do I meet many more people, “the Dog Brigade” when we are out walking, but I have a constant companion who offers me devotion and unconditional love. what-a-difference-a-dog-makes

Wurzel welcomes all my care staff by giving them a gift, usually one of his toys, and like me he often gets things the wrong way round! He has to have his needs met by MY carers before he allows them to tend to my needs!

He and I go for some fantastic walks together in my local wild life park where he also goes on lots of his own little adventures too. At night, he cuddles up and has lots of cuddles and strokes and then HE decides when he wants to go to bed.

He will not let strangers into the house unless I say that they can come in, so I feel very safe with my little friend around.

The day we met I knew that I had made a friend as HE chose ME to live with, not the other way round.

I would advise anyone, if at all possible to have a pet. It does not matter if it is a dog, cat or some other type of pet. This one has transformed my life as I no longer live alone and there is always a lovely greeting waiting for me when I get home.

In my case, dogs are a woman’s best friend.

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