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National Fitness Day 2021

National Fitness Day celebrates its 10th anniversary on the 22nd September with the theme “Fitness Unites Us”. Every year National Fitness Day highlights the importance of physical activity in helping us lead healthier lifestyles and this year’s focus aims to show that fitness is for everyone. Using the hashtag #Fitness2Me people are invited to share what being physically active means to them with the hope that by encouraging people from all walks of life, activity levels and interests to share what fitness means to them, it will inspire others to live happier and healthier lives through being active.

Fitness operators all over the country are offering free sessions to people of all abilities. Here is a brief taster of the events happening in Surrey and there is more information on the activity tracker:

Activity Finder | National Fitness Day

  • Achieve Power Addlestone and Egham Orbit – selected classes free, free gym usage at both sites, free health checks at Egham Orbit.
  • Epsom Strength and Balance – Free group class.
  • Better Leisure Centres – free gym sessions, free swim sessions, free fitness classes.
  • Tandridge and De Stafford leisure centres – free fitness programme with a personal trainer.
  • Nuffield Health Centres – reduced joining fees, bring a friend for the day for free.

If you’d like any support with finding out about or joining in with the activities above, please contact Katy:


Phone or SMS text: 07434865062

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