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Surrey Forum For People Who Are Hard Of Hearing Or Deafened

One of the main priorities of this group is to Increase awareness in the community and in health and social care staff about hearing loss and the impact this has on people’s lives. They campaign for SMS Text numbers to be available for people who cannot use the phone and are also strengthening the links between health and social care, such as access to social care and voluntary sector support through audiology clinics. They also want advice and easy access to aids and equipment for people who are deafened or hard of hearing, including the installation, maintenance and training to use the equipment.

Another important priority is the provision of more lip reading classes across Surrey and the Group have worked with Guildford Diocese on their “Hear Here” project to make more training available. See the video here.

Several members of the Surrey Hard of Hearing Forum are also involved in the LET’S LOOP SURREY initiative to promote the importance of working hearing loops being available in all public buildings, shops, banks, pharmacies etc.

They have produced posters to raise awareness of this.

Poster - Lets LoopVolunteer poster

Meeting dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • Thursday 21st June
  • Thursday 13th September
  • Thursday 13th December

If you are interested in joining the group or just as a taster, please contact:

Yasmin Broome, Involvement Coordinator
Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
Tel: 01483 456558
Text: 077809 33053
Fax: 01483 456561


Members of the Forum during a meeting