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My favourite animal related webcams

I love animals, and I have found some great webcams that I check very regularly!  I thought others might enjoy them too so I thought I would share the links to them.  I’d love to hear about any you monitor and enjoy! 

American Bald Eagle Cam

Thank you to Arthur Burgess for making me aware of this one! Watch these amazing eaglets as they grow!    

Donkey sanctuary  

Take a trip to Sidmouth, home of The Donkey Sanctuary!  There are lots of donkey webcams on offer but this one is my favourite!  

Donkey Webcam: Inside the main barn | The Donkey Sanctuary

The Koi Cam

Do you need a few minutes of relaxation? I know I do sometimes!  I find watching the below webcam, of the Koi Carp at Squires Garden Centre in Bagshot Lea, incredibly relaxing!

Koi Cam:

Do share your favourites with me, I’d love to see them!

Best wishes,