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Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN)  

A network of people (18 years +) that have lived experience of mental ill health or care for somebody with mental ill health. 

What we do?

The group work together with NHS service providers to improve care. This group is funded by NHS Commissioners covering Surrey and North East Hampshire.

Who can join?

Anybody that has experienced or cared for somebody that has experienced mental health services. 

How much time to I need to provide? 

The IMHN Coordinating Meetings are held bi-monthly.

How long is each meeting? 

Each meeting is 2 hours.

What skills do I need to join? 

Just experience of the mental health services. 

Why join?

You get to make a difference to the future of mental health services and therefore help people that will require the services in the future. Also, you’ll get to meet some new, very friendly people.

How to get involved

For more information please have a look at the information on our website

Or  Facebook page, or see our Tweets on Twitter.

To speak to one of the team about the Network please contact an IMHN Coordinator.

Guy Hill: Tel./Text 0730 500 9869, or email: guy.hill@surreycoalition.org.uk

Immy Markwick: Tel./Text 0759 399 1993, or email: Immy@surreycoalition.org.uk

You can also join the IMHN by filling in the form below.

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