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Let’s Hear Surrey  

Hearing loss is something which affects one in six people in the UK, and in Surrey we’re trying to do something about it.

What is Let’s Hear Surrey? 

“Let’s Hear Surrey” was formed two years ago by the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People, focused on promoting awareness of hearing loops.

What are hearing loops? 

You may have seen blue and white signs with an ear and a letter ‘T’ on the front of shop windows or next to check-outs in supermarkets or bank counters. The sign means these businesses have a hearing loop which will work with hearing aids, which have been fitted with a telecoil.

How do hearing loops work? 

For example, when you visit a train station to order a ticket, the counter window will have a loop fitted with the person in the ticket office speaking into a microphone. If you have a telecoil-activated hearing aid, you will enjoy a crystal clear conversation because the hearing loop cuts out all the clutter.

What do the Let’s Hear Surrey Group do? 

The Let’s Hear Surrey group has been successful in changing attitudes, as well as providing better quality loops both in the county and nationally. 

There are 10 loop groups in towns nationwide, organised by the charity Hearing Link.

At the heart of each group are people that wear hearing aids, who act as secret shoppers by visiting businesses to check the quality of loops. 

Where problems are identified, then “Let’s Hear Surrey” works with those organisations to get the loop fixed. 

How do I get involved? 

The group is looking for more volunteers to become involved. It’s a small commitment, but a big opportunity to change the way communities in Surrey use hearing loops.

If you live in Surrey and would like to find out more, contact involvement@surreycoalition.org.uk at the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People or complete the online contact form. Alternatively our text-only phone number is 07908671402.

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