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Outdoor Personal Mobility Vehicles available at Greenspace Sites

To improve the accessibility of countryside gardens and trails, many national heritage sites and other greenspace locations have purchased outdoor personal mobility vehicles to loan to visitors. The Tramper Buggy is a popular choice at National Trust Sites. The Tamper Buggy and other outdoor mobility vehicles are pictured in the attached document.

The tables in the document give information about greenspace locations with outdoor personal mobility vehicles to be loaned when you visit. Availability is often limited, so booking is usually recommended or essential for most sites. While no sites have listed a cost for loan, many locations have admission fees to access the site. Some sites may also require a deposit and demonstration of ability to operate the vehicle for it to be loaned.

Please note this this may not be an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact if you know of any other locations which can be added.

Information on other sites which use Tramper Buggies outside of Surrey, visit:

For accessibility information, see the links provided in the table below. More information may also be available at:

If you are travelling to the Southwest England, Countryside Mobility, have information on where you can rent outdoor mobility vehicles:

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