At Home Winter Wonderwheels – Angie’s off to a flying start!

Disabled people all over the country are taking part in the At Home Winter Wonderwheels challenge. This challenge is part of the Winter Wonderwheels series and is an excellent way to participate for those who aren’t able to be at the in-person event.

The challenge is to help your team cover the virtual miles around the world in whatever way works best for you. The Coalition is part of Team Sienna, and our team are currently virtually sledging across the snowy wilds of Greenland! The Coalition’s first member to get on the virtual road is our superhero Angie. Angie was instrumental in getting the Coalition involved in the Superhero Tri summer event and she has also taken part in the Winter Wonderwheels previously. Angie knew that she wanted to challenge herself in a different way this time and she chose to take part in the virtual event by cycling using her legs. Angie knew she would be motivated to complete this challenge if she did it during a physio session where she would have the right equipment and support.

Angie found the challenge tough and had to work hard but with plenty of encouragement from her physio and some determination she was able to complete an amazing 5.1kilometres of cycling. Although she felt pretty shattered the next day she was pleased with her achievements and proud that she had managed to cycle further than on the handcycle in the summer! The bike Angie used was a Motomed bike which you can either transfer onto or drive your chair up to and then use the pedals. The bike has gears so you can adjust your effort and it measures your speed and distance.

Angie’s goal is always to encourage others to see what they can achieve and to raise funds for the Coalition. If you would like to donate you can do so through this link:

Coalition staff member Angie on a Motomed bike.
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