Jean tells us about how she’s been getting more active

Jean tells us about how she’s been getting more active Image

Coalition member, Jean, shared her experiences of the Get More Active Project with us at The Big Coalition Catch Up on Friday. If you missed it, or would just like to read it again, here are her answers to our questions.

Q: How active were you before COVID?

A: Quite active, mainly walking

Q: How did the changes during COVID affect your activity levels?

A: I felt a bit down, distracted and sometimes I couldn’t really be bothered to exercise.

Q: What are your biggest challenges to getting active?

A: Everyday things get in the way, and I sometimes get bogged down with various worries and don’t feel like being active.

Q: You’ve joined in with lots of the Get More Active Get Together’s can you tell us a bit about them?

First there was parkrun. I was worried about having to get up early and out on a Saturday morning and I wasn’t sure how busy it would be. Katy picked me up and took me to Nonsuch Park which I am familiar with, so that was good.  When we got there it was lovely to meet up with Clare and some other members of the Coalition.  I had a sighted guide who was very understanding, helpful and fun. I was surprised at how careful all the Parkrunners were, they made sure they didn’t get in the way or cause any hazards for disabled participants. I really enjoyed the walk and definitely loved the meet up with everyone at the cafe afterwards.

Q: Then there was the cycling at Alice Holt Forest?

A: Yes, I really wasn’t sure about going as I have never much enjoyed cycling. I used to have a tandem years ago which I got rid of as I get motion sickness. I also had to rely on and trust someone to sit on the front seat to guide me.

Anyway, I decided to give it a go. Alice Holt has a great variety of accessible cycles.  Ted and I shared a side-by-side cycle and Ted was responsible for steering. I just happily peddled along which was quite easy.  It was actually great fun and I felt safe with my guide who also explained about the area and how lovely the trees and flowers were. We even went on the slightly more difficult track, and I didn’t even have motion sickness. Cycling is definitely something I would do again!

Q: The next event was sailing at Papercourt, tell us about that?

A: I was really looking forward to this one as I always wanted to try sailing. We all met up at the boathouse and got registered.  There wasn’t much wind on the day so some of us went on a sailboat and some on engine powered vessels.  I was on the sailboat with six others and we really enjoyed it. 

Everything was explained clearly to us and we wore life jackets so it was very safe.  There were ducks and geese on the water and the sun finally appeared. We were very well looked after by everyone and the best part was relaxing with a gentle breeze on a lovely boat on the water.  Afterwards we all enjoyed delicious cakes baked by members of the club.

Q: How as Get More Active changed your activity levels?

A: It has given me a chance to experience different activities and to know there are things I would like to get more involved with. I am definitely walking more and looking forward to my next cycle in the park.  Hopefully I can get out on the water next summer or even venture out to sea!

Q: How as Get More Active benefitted you?

A: It has made me realise that I and others can get involved in many activities even if we have a disability. It’s good to get involved with other people while having fun and making our minds and bodies more active and healthy.

I've not been out for ages; it was really lovely to get out.
- Get More Active Get Together attendee
Simple acts of kindness that can transform somebody's day to day life
- Tech to Community Connect member