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Tech to Community Connect Project

This is a project to provide technology, support in using technology and virtual groups to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation in people with care and support needs across Surrey.

Welcome to Tech to Community Connect 

How does it work

What if I don’t have Wi-Fi


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Welcome to Tech to Community Connect 

Tech to Community Connect is a digital inclusion service.  We provide devices, digital literacy training and confidence-boosting support to people from all over Surrey.   


The service is aimed at people who are at the highest risk of digital exclusion; people who are Disabled, people with a long-term health condition, people with mental ill-health, carers, older people and people from black and minoritised ethnic groups. 

We aim to help people to become digitally included, so that they are able to do whatever they want, from listening to music and accessing film, to attending medical appointments, to shopping and much more!     

People who are digitally excluded are also at much higher risk of loneliness and social isolation and we tackle this by getting people connected!   

How does it work?

The service is made up of a few parts (and you can access all of them, or just the bits you need!)  

  1.  We lend you a device that suits your needs (for example, a tablet computer, a smartphone or a smart home speaker).    
  1.  We ‘match’ you up with a volunteer Tech Angel, and you agree how you would like to be supported and what you would like to achieve.   
  1.  We connect you to our ‘stay connected’ virtual social groups, if you would like to join them, or others on offer through the Virtual Wellbeing Hub.   
  1. We give you the opportunity to become a virtual volunteer if you would like to.   

What if I don’t have wi-fi?

If you don’t have WiFi, we will issue you with a device with a sim card which we will pre-load with some data so that you can use this to access the internet.  Alternatively, we can lend you a MiFi device, this allows you to set up a WiFi hotspot (we will help you with this!). 

Case studies






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