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Tech How-to Guides and App reviews

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  1. Documents to help you join video conferencing
  2. Documents to help android users
  3. Documents to help Apple users
  4. Documents to help you with your smart home devices
  5. Easy Read documents
  6. App reviews

Video conferencing guides

Zoom instructions for members

Setting a background image in Zoom Cloud meetings

An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Guides for android users

Changing the screen time out

Creating a Home Screen Shortcut to a Web Page

Creating a WhatsApp Group and Making a Video Call on Android Devices

Listening to RNIB Talking Books on Android Devices using Dolphin EasyReader

Guides for Apple users

Changing the auto lock setting

Showing All Contacts in the Contacts App

Sending a text message using Siri

Sending an email using Siri

Connecting your iOS device to a Wi-Fi Network

Creating a WhatsApp Group and Making a Video Call on iOS Devices

Spelling and Defining Words Using Siri

Making Phone Calls Using Siri

Creating and Using Text Replacements on iOS Devices

Listening to RNIB Talking Books on Apple iOS Devices using Dolphin EasyReader

Smart home and other devices guides

Alexa and Echo

Amazon Echo – 20 useful skills and functions

Amazon Echo – what do the light colours mean

Amazon Echo – 15 Trivia Games

Keyboard shortcuts


Customising the Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

Using YouTube the Easy Way

The virtues of a refurbished computer

Common Technology Acronyms

Easy read guides with images

The easy read guides are not screen-reader friendly because of the way we have to put the pictures in these guides. If you would like a plain text version of these guides with no pictures, please let us know.

Easy read: what do I need for a video meeting

Easy read: why can’t we have our usual meeting

Easy read what to do just before the video meeting

Easy read using zoom for the first time and downloading the app

Easy read Echo Dot instructions

A list of possible Alexa commands

App reviews

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