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Director: Luke Tye

Luke Tye

Luke Tye

My Name is Luke Tye. As a result of infant meningitis I have a cocktail of disabilities including Visual impairment, Autism, a poor sense of touch and specific Learning Disabilities, but nothing will ever hold me back!

Whilst at School I was instrumental in setting up the first ever school council. I was also on the board of Governors at The RNIB Redhill College.

I attended The Orpheus Centre in Godstone and I regularly represent them at different functions.

Since then I have been a member of The Freewheelers Theatre Company in Leatherhead   where I was on the Board of trustees for a year.

I have worked for The Smart Enterprise as a disability awareness trainer delivering presentations to a variety of different organisations, including schools, colleges and the NHS, putting forward suggestions, sharing ideas and applying for funding.

I have had great experience in using V.I., or Visually impaired services. I have learned that everyone’s needs are different and therefore must be considered.

During this last year I have taken part in many seminars, meetings and conferences, trying to tackle the issues of loneliness.

I have links with a number of performing arts organisations and believe that they have great value in society in helping people develop their confidence and independence.

I myself am a Song writer and singer and have performed in many places. I fully believe in the power of fitness   and that good health is the key to everything.

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