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Director: Nick Markwick

nick-markwickNick has been a wheelchair user for 29 years having broken his neck after an accident in the Army when he was 22. Nick is a widowed, and has one daughter and has a degree in Economics from Southampton University.

Having used the services of the NHS and SCC for longer than he cares to remember Nick has a good overview of how and where the system works well, and more importantly, some of its many failings.

On a day to day basis Nick work for SID providing information to other people with disabilities. His role is to manage the finance and databases for SID, and to look after the data on the Surrey Information Point web site for Surrey County Council. Before 2008 he worked for DISS in a similar information environment for the preceding 18 years.

As a member of Surrey Coalition Nick sits on a number of committees & forums including the SCC External Equalities Advisory Group, the Advocacy Monitoring Group and the Registers Review Group. Alongside Cliff Bush, he was the Coalition user representative on the NHS Patient Transport tender panel earlier this year, which was subsequently awarded to SecAMB.

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